Transit Soft Bike Case Review

I purchased this soft bike bag for a travel in the course of European countries. I was capable of speedily disassemble and store my bicycle for railroad and aircraft travel within European union (I used a pressboard box for the global airline flight). It was a lot large, and possessed space for my bicycle, cycle helmet, and a couple filled panniers. There exists a detachable hard plastic element towards the bottom of the Transit case to incorporate balance and guard the chain ring. With this taken out, the bag easily fit comfortably in my rack, in between my panniers.

TransIt Soft Bike Case

The bag is very resistant to bad weather conditions because of the PVC coating which looks very well made.
There is a special section for wheels where you can store them separately from the main frame.

For that price tag, you can’t do better than the performance and sturdiness of this travelling bag. I simply desire it had more bands interior to risk-free the body and elements just a little improved. Furthermore, the strap is a slim, cheap, unpleasant headache! Still, after replacing it with another strap which I already own, all my problems have gone. My score would be 8 out of 10 for this item. Especially, for the price and durablit it was a good investment for me.

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