Top 3 Bike Case Reviews

We have made tests on well known 12 bike case models from different brands with our considerably expensive Diamondback 2012 Pro full suspension mountain bike and finally selected the top three accordingly. In this review, you will read about each of them with our final verdict with pros and cons.

Let us emphasize that standard road and mountain bikes will easily suit to most bags and cases. The problem starts with the larger ones, triathlon and full suspension bikes. That’s the reason we have chosen the 21 inch model.

Before starting our review, let’s remind that you should be sure to check exact measurements of your bike and compare to the specs of the bag you intend to purchase.

The testing process

The bags are packed as much as nicely we could. We have added some bike gear to them too. Plus, we rolled them and thrown from some height to ground to measure sturdiness. Another test criteria was the abrasion factor, so we dragged them without any pity!

Most reviews start with the worst one, but we don’t have any intention to make you wonder. Let’s start with the winner.

BIKND Helium Soft Case

Maybe, you were expecting a hard case in the winner position and now wonder how could BIKND Helium grab the top rating. Well, it is revolutionary in design and achieves to bring super protection of some of the best hard bags, bike boxes. The main structure is made aluminium frame with sled. You will mount the bike fork to the frame with the skewer (included in your purchase). The bottom part is on a heavily padded section and strapped. The four wheels are locked to the mounts strongly.

BIKND Helium

Now, let’s talk about the most important part of our review. The sides protection! There are inflatable sections similar to a sea bed and you inflate them by using the foot pump (included) after the packing. As a final result, your expensive gear is protected under 5 inch thick ballistics-grade tough nylon and top quality Oxford polyster.

The name Helium was chosen for an obvious reason. It is a very lightweight case and the result is even better than a hard case.

There are many straps and pads for different parts of the bike. Our score is 10 /10.

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Scicon AeroTech Evolution

This provides top level protection but still the high price tag will not be suitable for every one. It is a form-fitting Italian-made case and the company claims that it is the toughest case for bikes in the world, and probably they are right.

scicon aerotech bike case

It will easily get large frames (up to 61 cm) and also carbon frames with seat extension. You will need to put wheels at first and then the frame on the top. Frame is supported by the inner straps. There are lots of padding around the wheels and frame.

scicon aerotech bike case

Our score is 8 / 10. We had to deduct two points because of the expensiveness.

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Serfas Bike Case : Best value for the money

This is one of the first hard bags in the bike world which was consistently praised by its quality and competitive price. And probably one of the easiest ones to pack into. It is made of totally metal framed elements. The shell is super-resistant to cracking and will handle the bumps, shock waves of hits.

Serfas SBC Bike Case

It is an easy to carry one and designed to easily pass doorways, airport travelators. Wheels are placed on the sides.
The space is less than the other competitive brands but still we could fit Diamondback bike after some taking apart. Lots of straps provide very safe travel.

Overall, the price / quality value together is very nice. Our score is 8/10. 2 points are deducted because the bag could be larger for easier fitting.

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