Team Bike Case

In this review, we will learn how Team bike case compares to popular Trico Iron, Serfas cases and whether it is worth to buy or not as a hard type case.

Just before starting pros and cons of this item, let’s talk about the basic features. It is made of well made, thermo-processed hard plastic material on the exterior side. There are 4 latches around for locking. There is an ID section to write your info. There are enough handles on the top and sides.

team bike case

Although the case costs similar to to Trico Iron, Serfas there are very important cons we have to tell you.

First of all, you will need a lot of padding inside to protect your bike. The outside material is hard but not enough to eliminate all shocks coming from the hits. You very well know how cruel the baggage handlers on airports can be!

So, the padding is essential for all parts if you buy this one. The second disadvantage is about the wheels. They are cheaply made and I don’t think they will last a few trips. But, they rotate very well and easy to transport. The case is lightweight.

Some other reviews on Internet state that the locking tabs can be difficult to use but we didn’t have such an issue. We can only suggest this item if you are carrying not-so-expensive bike or simply for safer trips.

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