Pro Bike Case Review

Pro bike is one of the largest hard bike cases in the market. The best part is that you don’t need to disassemble most parts of your bike. Disassembling the wheels, pedals, aero bars is enough. This would be a perfect case unless it had some very important cons. This is related to the overall design. The sides look weak and possibly it would not well protect the bike when lay on the side and other baggages are piled on it. Hopefully, the inside walls are heavily padded with foam lining to minimize such chances.

You know how important to be safe against baggage handling in airports. The second issue is about the brackets which can move due to poor construction on aluminum supports.

Pro Bike Case

Now, let’s talk more about Pro bike case with the specs. As we mentioned previously, the size is large and even the giant road and mountain bikes will be fit inside. Do you want extra space for accessories and some other important tools. It has plenty of space for them too.

The case has fork stabilizer. The wheels roll nicely but you can not pivot them without lifting from the ground from one side. Not a big issue unless you spend a lot of time by flying from one aeroport to another one for your competitions. 4 latches (2 butterfly, 2 locking)

The handles are 5 in total. 4 for carrying and 1 for turning to other side.

It is sold by PerfomanceBikes company online. Click the button to learn up-to-date price of this item and compare to other bike travel cases.

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