Best Bike Travel Cases

Here are reviews of two top rated hard bike travel cases which you can trust even in the most harsh conditions and under abuse, such as airplane baggage handling process.

Trico Iron Bike Case

If you are a fan for bike rides and love to carry your bike with you everywhere you go, the Trico iron case is the perfect solution you might be looking for. There has been great feedback from the users of this case which is considered to be ideal for those who would want to carry their bike along overseas or to short trips around the country side. The case enables you to fit in your bike as easily as a peanut and lets you carry it comfortably on the back seat of your car as well. In fact it has been designed in a manner that you would never face an issue because of it. (Compare Amazon customer reviews here)

Trico Iron Bike Case

To get down on the more specifications of the Trico iron case, one would be satisfied to know that it reflects its name in the most essential way. It actually works as an iron shield for your bike. So, all you bike lovers, you need not worry about any damage that can be caused to the most loved thing in you life. Also, it protects your bike from any kind of scratch or breakage even if the case falls by any chance.

It hardly weighs 31 lbs when unpacked out of the box it is supplied in. So, here you have the actual details to the case that would become a life line once you buy it. Apart from this, the dimensions would interest you even more. When you pick up a measuring tape to measure the exact dimensions, you would be surprised that it fits the guidelines given by any bus, train, taxi or air plane. It measures a 47” * 30.5” *10.5” and if you want a to the point measurements of its inside, it is obviously a little less, since the Company has provided enough padding for the protection of your mobile vehicle. From the inside it can be measured to be around 46” * 30” *10. It is slightly over than this if you get into the exact one.

Trico Iron

Other than this, for those who would like to carry it around; 2 options have been opened for your convenience. First, you would find considerable amount of reliable straps that would let you carry it in your hand easily and in case you decide to move it around, you can always use the wheels that have been fitted in it. Thus, with the Trico iron case, mobility would never be an issue.

Lastly, the case has been provided with three comfortable layers to protect your bike from any kind of injury. Also, you need not worry about the fact that your bike might not fit in. The Company has given strict instructions regarding the bikes that can easily fit in, an average bike of up to 68 centimeters, can easily be accommodated by the Trico iron case. It is even the cheapest for the quality and shield it provides for your bike. It would hardly cost you $369 and nothing more than that. There should be no doubts for bikers now regarding a perfect case, so get your iron case today!

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Thule Round Trip

Have you also been looking for a suitable and reliable case for your lovable bike? The Thule round trip bicycle travel case has been opted by a huge amount of bicycle fans. Its rating and feedback has forced a lot of individuals in choosing it. In fact a lot of them have been seen recommending Thule bike hard case to their friends and family members as well.

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Thule Bike Case

So, if you are also searching and have been browsing over various bicycle bags but haven’t been able to trust anyone, give Thule cases a shot and the surety says, you would not want to go anywhere else. The Thule case is not even going to cost you too much, a $350 is quite minimal if you looking for a long term relationship with your case. Also, the case has been carefully garnished with all the seasoning that a normal person would like to have in its travel case.

If you are the kind of person who is a little careless and does not know how to manage baggage, the Thule case is the most appropriate thing for you too. It has been designed in a way that you could do anything to it but it would never be in a state of shouting for help. It is a hard case for maximum protection against any kind of suspected damage. Also, if you are in love with the bike you have, you would surely want the best and Thule undoubtedly provides you with the best.

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Thule Bike Case

Even though it has been given a plastic coating, it is as hard as metal. Also, its foam padding inside would become a cushion for your bike to comfort itself in. Thus, the need to be worried about shocks to your case can be dealt with much more ease. With Thule’s round trip case you would be sure that your bike would be caressed properly.

Its dimensions are compatible for most of the users and transportation methods. Other than this, you would be given a full proof lock system so that your expensive vehicle does not get stolen. The locks have been added also to let you keep other important things safe and sound.

Keeping this aside, there are added compartments for extra stuff for those out for trekking. It can make space for your clothes and accessories comfortably and therefore would save you from any kind of stress of carrying an extra baggage. The Company even provides you with a lifetime guarantee and in case of any wither, replacement would be done immediately. Hence, there can be nothing greater than this to assure the best quality.

Thule Bike Case

Last but not the least, the case is really light weight and lets you feel the weight of the things that you out in only. Straps and belts have been strengthened for you to carry it safely and without any hassles. There can be nothing else that would be needed in a perfect bike case and there is no need of a mention that Thule has provided its customers with the best.

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